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At BC Insurance Group of Texas, you are not just a transaction. We care about people. We do things differently here. We will work hard to provide the excellent service you deserve and work with you to meet your insurance needs.

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BC Insurance Group of Texas was founded by Brandon Carrell and Cindy Carrell.  It is a locally owned, family ran agency.  BC is the fruition of much prayer and dedication to family, community, and the great state they love and serve.   BC Insurance Group of Texas strives to be your ‘go to’ Independent Insurance Agency.  The owners’ commitment to people and the integrity of the products offered is what sets BC apart.  Brandon and Cindy love people and aim to always put client’s needs first over any transaction.  Their efforts to maintain a high level of integrity when taking care of clients and their families is what is most important to them. The BC Insurance team of in-house agents, producers, and customer service specialists is built with those same traits of integrity and excellence in customer service in mind.

Best Coverage at the Best Price

We are an independent agency that represents some of the top rated Insurance Carriers in the country.   We have the ability to provide you with options.   By representing multiple carriers, we have complete confidence that we can fit you with right carrier who offers the coverage you need at the best rate.


"To Whom it may concern:

In July of this year we moved our home owner insurance coverage from Farm Bureau to a new agency, BC Insurance of Texas, who set us up with The Hartford Agency.

In August we had a water leak in the slab of our house that flooded two bathrooms, living area and hall way. We had to remove carpet, repair Shower stall area of leak and replace bottom 12 inches of walls associated with these rooms.

I was very concerned with filing a claim so early in the relationship with the new company. Shortly after the claim was filed we received our first of several calls from the Hartford representatives. They very quickly gathered the information they needed and lined up the claim adjustor to came and look at the damage. The Hartford representative called us back in what I thought was a very timely manner to check on our status and experience with the adjustor. During this call she also advised me that a deposit was being processed for the amount the adjustor had turned in on his report to help get the repairs started. She also assured me that if we encountered other issues they would certainly work with us on them. There was an adjustment required to the initial claim that was brought to our attention by Hartford. They discovered that the adjustor had quoted another carpet type and increased the settlement to cover the oversight.

We were very pleased with the response and treatment we received from BC Insurance of Texas and The Hartford Agency. Both were very courteous and very professional with us during the process."

- Lawrence Dain

Everyone Listen Up!! If you are paying too much for your home and auto insurance, call Ashley Sullins Smith at BC Insurance in Stephenville!!! Our auto insurance has dropped the last 2 renewals and yesterday Ashely personally called me about our home owners!!

I received a letter a week ago that our home owner’s insurance was going up. I didn’t think much about it because I knew there were several storms last year that they likely caused the increase. Yesterday, Ashley saw our renewal and she wasn’t satisfied. She ran numbers with another carrier and got us the same coverage at a better rate than what we had been paying.

I can’t say enough about the quality of care and customer service we have received with BC Insurance and specifically with Ashley!! ♥

She can serve anyone in Texas!!

- Autumn Anderson

BC Insurance is the absolute best at what they do. Ellisa keeps me in the loop with what is going on with my claims and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that I am being taken care of. Brandon and Cindy answer or return phone calls long after business hours are over and work hard to make sure that my claims are being looked over correctly. With as frustrating as Insurance companies are to deal with, these guys make it easy!

- Will Snodgrass

I switched to BC insurance and thank goodness I did. I saved money on my premiums and just had an incident that would not have been covered on my old insurance. I am supremely happy with my policy.

- Clarissa Kopchak

BC Insurance is the best!! They saved us so much on all of our insurance, from our house, auto to life.

- Rhona Boettler-Ryan

I’m so happy to be switching to BC Insurance and a big thank you to Kristen Walker for the amazing job she did at saving my husband and I almost 1,200 a year! Thank you Kristen!

- Karrie Oliveraz

BC Insurance has become our family insurance agency. Jessie saved me about $1000 per year on my vehicle and homeowner policies, while increasing my coverage and upgrading my policies They will always be my insurance agency!

- Becky Bray Harris

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